Sarah Snell

Sarah Snell

I’m Sarah. My training was originally in book design, which probably explains my need to ‘illustrate’ my pots.

Returning to work after having my children, I got a job as the Art Technician in my local secondary school, where I developed an interest in helping children with special needs, spending years as a Special Needs Assistant, then training to become a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher.

Throughout this time I was always dabbling in all things art & craft, until 9 years ago when I discovered pottery…I was hooked! Since 2017, I have worked virtually full-time, from my teeny, tiny home studio (my larder!) and my friends studio where I am her ‘girl Monday”.

Pottery is an utterly absorbing craft, very mindful, as you really have to concentrate to ’produce the goods’.

I think anyone who thinks, I’d like to try that but… should have a go, who knows, it could become your new passion too!


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