We’re here to champion creatives.

We believe the future for Artists, Designers and Makers is blossoming and we want to see them thrive.

Imagine a world where artisan businesses took centre stage over the likes of Amazon.
What if people chose to value quality, authenticity and humanity over price and convenience?
In the midst of the digital revolution and a world of automation and mass production there is a growing appreciation for artisan businesses. Handmade products and hands-on experiences offer people something unique. Artfully crafted with a human touch.

There are an estimated 11,620 craft businesses in the UK. 88% of these are sole traders.

-www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk (2018)

Our Story

We launched in 2018 with our first pop up at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire. The event was held in response to a call from local artists for a new platform to sell their work, following the closure of Rum’s Eg Gallery in Romsey. We could see that there was demand for a curated event which offered artists a quality showcase, and the public the opportunity to meet and buy directly from the makers. 

Following the success of this first event we developed our pop-up workshop programme, enabling artists to share their skills with others, and inspiring people to explore their own creativity. The workshops provide freelance opportunities for artists and also contribute to supporting the venues which host them.

As we continue to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit, sell and teach we are working on other ways to support them. We offer promotional, training and development opportunities and are creating a supportive community from which to share resources and skills. We’re establishing connections with schools, businesses and community groups who want to connect with artists. We want to see people inspired to follow their dreams and turn hobbies into businesses, and for those businesses to spread joy, inspiration and creativity for all. 

We are primarily based in the UK counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset.

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Meet the Team

Rebecca Maddox
Elizabeth Hammond
Education Facilitator
Georgina Ettridge
Events & Marketing
Phone: +447919358158
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